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Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)


10mg (100 piller)

Quick Overview: Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)
Package: 10mg (100 piller)
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

Customer Reviews

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    Took 3 piller of this stanos daily and in just 1 week, I was able to see results. I was not fatigued and my recovery was quick. Ordered a pack of this and got an extra of 50 piller. USed this along with sust and anastrozolos and this stack is the bomb. Was able to gain 25 lbs to my bench because of this! I highly recommend this!

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    The quality this stanos gives is out of this world. I was getting great results from this. I actually decided to get this specific brand as I was hearing great things about pharmacom labs and it did not disappoint. Gf has been actually complimenting me on how toned I’ve become. This is the best for me!

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    I’ve been using this pharmacom’s winny and this actually became one of my favorites. People are saying good things about this and it is the reason why I bought this. This stanos is of high quality and will yield great results. Used this for 6 weeks and I started noticing effects at 2 weeks. Got my veins popping out and strength gains were insane. I was able to increase my bench and I’ve been looking toned up! I highly recommend this!

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    Even though it took over a month to deliver but I did not mind because the quality of this is high. I also got a free item as well! Thanks sportslifepower-biz. Will update you guys on my progress.

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    This is an excellent addition to your cycle if you wanted to get hard and cut and to add more strength! Got insane results from this and I highly recommend this!

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