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Femara 2.5mg 10 piller

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2.5mg (10 piller)

Quick Overview: Substance: Letrozole
Package: 2.5mg (10 piller)
Manufacturer: Cipla

Customer Reviews

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    This cipla letro is an excellent ancillary for preventing gyno. I’d been experiencing gyno symptoms, which was aggravating. I took 1/4 pill ED and it helped with the gyno symptoms. I used to use Nolva, but this letro is superior.

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    This is the bomb! Been using this product for my PCT and it does all the work! I highly recommend this to everyone!

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    I wasn’t expecting much from this Cipla brand, but when I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked almost too well! Other brands simply cannot compete with this.

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    I’ve always had letro on hand in case of emergency, and when I started having gyno symptoms, this came in handy! It works great, and I haven’t found anything better!

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    This product works as it should and I suggest that this should be taken at half a pill ED to prevent bad sides. Worked the best for me and I will purchase more of this soon!

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