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Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen), Liothyronine (T3), Yohimbine


100 piller

Quick Overview: Substance: Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen), Liothyronine (T3), Yohimbine
Package: 100 piller
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

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    I’ve heard nothing but positive things about this CY3. I used the individual compounds and they worked great. I was curious about the combined effects of the individual compounds. I bought these CY3 and took one pill first thing in the morning. I was sweating profusely during my 10-minute run, and by the end of my workout, I looked like I had just stepped out of the shower. Overall, this was a fantastic product, and I will definitely buy more!

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    This CY3 from Dragon Pharma is at the top of the Vekttap pill market! My wife and I both use it, and we’ve had excellent results. We became much leaner and more defined. Nothing else comes close!

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    CY3 is a great product that is beneficial in leaning out the body. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and have lost 15 pounds in total. There are no side effects, and I enjoy using it. This is highly recommended for those who want to shred.

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    Been using other leaning products and this CY3 is the best I’ve used! I was sweating off even when I was doing nothing. I lost a total of 15 lbs and I can’t be happier. I highly recommend this!

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    Liked how sportlifepower-biz have the best products for their customers. I’ve been wanting to shred these extra fat and I have tried a lot of products for this but nothing can beat dragon’s CY3. It made me lose a total of 20 lbs in just a matter of weeks and I feel new. I will never use any other slimming products other than this!

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